Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare (Montréal, Québec) in Kanien’kéha (Mohawk), by Karonhí:io Delaronde and Jordan Engel. (https://decolonialatlas.wordpress.com/2015/02/04/montreal-in-mohawk/)

This project is a testament to how artists have learned from the many beings and things that emanate from the traditional Indigenous territories known as Tiohtiá:ke to the Haudenosaunee, as Mooniyang to the Anishinaabeg, and as Montréal to many others. 

As unceded Indigenous land that has historically provided a meeting place for many nations, I gratefully acknowledge the Kanien’kehá:ka from Kahnawake and Kanehsatà:ke who continue to care for its well-being and therefore help foster meaningful connections between all those who share it.

For this reason, I will refer to this region as Tiohtiá:ke - Mooniyang - Montreal throughout the website.

To learn more, here are some maps with Indigenous land names: 

Native Land

Decolonial atlas