Walking With is a project that explores walking as a form of artistic inquiry and expression.

Walking generates embodied knowledge through encounters with the dynamics of place. We become more of ourselves with each movement. Likewise, as we leave our trace, our presence shapes where we walk. 

Twelve artists were invited to share their insights about how walking informs their practice. The invitation is now extended to you to join us as we reflect on the pedagogical potential of walking. How and what do you learn while walking?

Each of the contributing artists has created at least one art work within the region of Tiohtiá:ke - Mooniyang - Montréal. As a localized portrayal of contemporary artists who work with various media and expressive forms, Walking With reveals the range of motivations and ruminations that co-exist amongst artists who walk.

All of the artists are also women because, quite simply, their perspectives are compelling. Specifying gender was also a deliberate decision to help infuse the international walking art discourse with a plurality of perspectives.  

Walking With was curated and produced by Pohanna Pyne Feinberg as a component of a feminist research-creation dissertation in Art Education at Concordia University. This website is accompanied by a thesis that contextualizes the project with a discussion about the research methods employed, an overview of contemporary international walking art, and an essay on socio-political concerns related to walking (available Fall 2019). A few other recent writings about walking practices are available for download here and here