August 25, 2014 - Kathleen invited me to join her on her usual passage from her neighborhood (Pointe-St-Charles) to her studio in St.Henri. As we followed the flow of the Lachine Canal, Kathleen spoke about her textile maps and how, through a process of attunement to place, walking raises questions about identity and belonging. [Image/audio credit: Pohanna Pyne Feinberg]


Dr. Kathleen Vaughan is a visual artist, writer, scholar, and educator whose work reflects a trans-disciplinary orientation to questions of place and belonging and the theme of ‘home’. She aims to balance her love for post-industrial sites, urban forests and green spaces with critical engagement, and often uses walking and mapping as method and form. Kathleen uses textile practices, painting, drawing, photography, installation, audio and video. Her work comprises multiple approaches, studio-based, collaborative/participatory and community-based. Active within her Montreal neighbourhood of Pointe-St-Charles, Kathleen has worked with seniors and children in social housing, schools and community agencies. She has also developed creative projects with children, adults and seniors in Toronto, Iceland, Latvia and the Netherlands, oriented to cultivating knowledge and awareness of ‘place’ and building community.



How do you emplace yourself? Are there trajectories that you repeat, that you become familiar with, and that help you feel at home?  

Do you find walking can help you disengage from the pressures of life such as work-related obligations and inter-personal relations? 

When you are out in the world, how does the quality of surprise impact your relationship to walking?