August 18, 2015 - Côte-des-neiges to Tiohtià:ke Otsira’kéhne lookout point. A trail that Dominique visits often and knows well. As we discussed the projects she has worked on that involved or were shaped by walking, we stopped periodically while she introduced me to the edible plants along the way. [Image/audio credit: Pohanna Pyne Feinberg]


Through sound and visual art, Dominique Ferraton explores our relationship with our environment : the ways in which we occupy and transform the places we inhabit, and how we are affected by them. She has focused in particular on natural environments and landscapes, becoming interested in the few wild spaces created or found in urban areas, as well as the contradictions or correspondences that exist between what is natural and what is manufactured.



How can walking encourage connection and intimacy with green, wild or 'natural' spaces?

Does listening to the sounds of place help you become more receptive where you are walking?

As you walk, so you sense the impermanence of our lives - the passage of time that we embody?